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The ongoing mission  of RL Consulting LLC aspires to something greater than uplifting better businesses. We are in the business of shaping prosperous commerce by shaping personally enriched, more effective people equipped to help ambitious self-started endeavors.

We don’t tell aspiring leaders of business where to fish and wish them the best. We lead them out to sea with their hands in ours and teach them to better cast their nets. Lasting excellence in business has but one origin: enduring commitment by exceptionally dedicated men and women. Reshaping a business structurally is never enough. It can only crumble without the grooming of iron-willed owners and managers to hold the line in its trying days, to raise it onto their shoulders and barely shrug.

For 15 years since our 2000 founding in southern California and subsequent relocation to Arizona, the heart of RL Consulting LLC has beat with a single principle heard by ambitious businesses nationwide with every startup and struggling company we’ve proudly groomed: people are paramount. For businesses of scale, in every field everywhere, we believe that the answer to the question, “How can my business be better?” is revealed when we can truthfully answer to something more central: “How much better can I be?”

RL Consulting LLC. “Inspiring Your Vision. Creating Your Future.”™


Your profession’s accolades won’t be your company’s most significant, enduring legacy. It won’t be celebrated profit margins. It won’t be an epic ascension from storefront startup to an iconic and influential authority in your industry, traded on the NYSE with yearly TV spot eagerly anticipated during the Super Bowl.

The truth is, in one of entrepreneurship’s most fascinatingly rewarding cycles, your loved ones and the colleagues who succeed you at your business’s helm will inherit something far more diversified and lasting than your portfolio. They’ll find themselves strengthened by the experiences that uplifted you personally as you grew a prosperous business.

RL Consulting LLC believes in a responsibility, inherited to us by our own journeys, to embolden the future of business by fostering our clients’ personal growth through the goal-oriented journey to reaching their entrepreneurial goals.


Our experience-informed consultations can imbue a business at any stage in its life cycle with a more critically defined sense of identity purpose. In fact, we will always seek first to understand every client’s fullest set of objectives before seeking to have our counsel understood. Every company, with no regard for its history or apex of its aspirations, can be made better by constructing a better-lit path to a defined endpoint.

We can’t proclaim that “Our work is never done” any more proudly. Our guidance is driven by a belief that every entrepreneur seeks to maximize return on investment through efficient professional services. For startups, the process begins with assisting in and supervising the proper registration with appropriate state authorities, specialized local licensing requirements, even documented securing 501(c)(3) status.

Some entrepreneurs seek our counsel with a prepared business plan in hand. Some come to us savvy experts in their trades who have never crafted a proposal designed to secure confidence in the profitable long-term viability of their enterprises. In either instance, we can create something better together, whether through refurbishing an existing plan or crafting a comprehensive proposal from scratch that maximizes the resources a company with few resources can opportunistically tap to fuel its rise.

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What sets you apart?

No, not what sets your company apart. What sets you apart? What is your entrepreneurial superpower?

In the film 300, it’s a question Leonidas, King of Sparta, poses to a band of Arcadian potters boldly voyaging to stand ready to die in combat before an insurmountable Persian army: “What is your profession?”

When he addresses the same question to his brothers in arms at his back, they hoist swords and shields high, their bellows leaving no room for doubt – they are soldiers. Period.

You are your livelihood only to such a degree that the excellence you attain is a byproduct of the unique personal mettle that steels you for great things. RL Consulting LLC can provide a knowledgeable hand in creating a singular synergy of versatile principles of quality-and-ROI-driven enterprise with the exceptional “you” yearning to evolve…


Your business should be an embodiment of what makes you a superb asset to everyone you hope to call your “customers”. Contradictory as it might sound, we don’t need to share your expertise to understand a classic path to lasting profitability. The tools and strategies we base our entrepreneurial frameworks upon translate with unparalleled consistency to every industry of every scale in every marketplace.


Excellent businesses are where we find them. Our passions for furthering responsible, well-strategized commerce so stoke our dedication to what we do, we are absolutely willing to use any means necessary whether it be the web, telephone, or in person to deliver universally proven advice across the globe.


Devotion to relationships nurtures legendary excellence in business. No exceptions. RL Consulting LLC has its own single-minded goal: to be an ever-dependable ally in your journey to financial independence. We prize personal, face-to-face interactions, but we are available and eager to chat with you as your convenience permits and your needs demand.

You want to make your business better. RL Consulting LLC can make you and your business better – today, tomorrow, forever.

RL Consulting LLC. “Inspiring Your Vision. Creating Your Future.”™